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  • Validation Surveys
  • M&E Building Services Validation
  • As-Built Record Drawing Surveys
  • Electrical Test and Inspection
  • Vertical Transportation Consultancy
  • HVAC Commissioning
  • Design Consultancy
  • MEP Design (Building Services Design)
  • Sustainability and Net Zero Carbon
  • BIM Level 2
  • Technical Advisory Role
  • Building Performance Modelling
  • Commissioning Consultancy
  • Commissioning Management
  • Client Commissioning Verification
  • BREEAM & LEED Compliance
  • Post-Occupancy Soft Landings
  • Continuous Commissioning

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Validation Surveys

Validation surveys are second nature to us. You can trust our experienced team to ensure that your projects are managed effectively from conception to completion, meeting the most stringent requirements.

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M&E Building Services Validation

Intrusive Validation surveys help to identify underlying issues that would not be seen from a visual survey. Our expert Validation team can undertake surveys to record performance, condition, and capacity of plant, equipment and systems; informing design, helping manage risk and prioritise repair works.

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As-Built Record Drawing Surveys

Our specialist team help our clients by undertaking detailed surveys of building engineering services to either validate and identify discrepancies or to prepare record drawings in 2-dimensional plan format.

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Electrical Test and Inspection

We complete rigorous building services testing and measurements, giving our clients detailed knowledge about the performance of plant systems and providing evidence of system deficiencies.

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Vertical Transportation Consultancy

We provide independent vertical transportation advice born out of many years of industry experience. Our aim is to provide accurate and helpful guidance to assist you in the management of your asset.

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HVAC Commissioning

Our team of HVAC Commissioning Engineers ensure that systems are brought into balance to achieve optimum plant and environmental performance in accordance with the designer’s specification.

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Design Consultancy

Delivering effective design for our clients means embracing challenges, listening to the market and always evolving our expertise to stay one step ahead.

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MEP Design (Building Services Design)

Whether you’re a real estate owner, developer, project manager, or contractor our expert team of Design Engineers can support you every step of the way.

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Sustainability and Net Zero Carbon

Our Low Carbon Consultants use a holistic approach to assess building energy performance. We believe that all new buildings should be Net Zero Carbon, and we help our clients meet their sustainability targets. Sustainable practices are not only for new projects; we also relish working with clients to improve existing building stock.

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BIM Level 2

Our BIM Level 2 accreditation underpins the competence of our team and demonstrates our commitment to collaborative digital design.

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Technical Advisory Role

Many construction projects need an overseer to ensure that they remain compliant with specifications and drawings; by covering all elements of MEP design and commissioning, our turnkey TA service does this, and more.

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Building Performance Modelling

Our specialists in Building Physics create sophisticated computer models to undertake performance testing and optimise spaces. This is an essential tool which – if embraced by all involved in the design process – results in high-performing buildings.

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Commissioning Consultancy

Our goal is to deliver fully commissioned and compliant mechanical and electrical services in all our buildings; for building owners, occupants and all project stakeholders.

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Commissioning Management

Our experienced Commissioning Managers specialise in ensuring M&E Building Services are strategically planned, commissioned and signed-off to ensure stringent compliance with your project specifications and Employer's Requirements.

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Client Commissioning Verification

Our highly experienced Commissioning Verification Engineers work alongside other engineering specialists to expertly verify and witness projects. This includes on-site and off-site tests to ensure the most stringent compliance with specifications and building/project performance.

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BREEAM & LEED Compliance

We’re committed to making sure that all our buildings are energy efficient, looking beyond the standard requirements and being pro-active in our approach. That’s why we implement both BREEAM and LEED compliance as the best environmental assessment methods for our clients.

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Post-Occupancy Soft Landings

Our Commissioning Engineers are committed to providing the best extended aftercare. Through monitoring, performance reviews and feedback, Post Occupancy Soft Landings help occupants make better use of their buildings; while clients, designers, builders and managers gain a better understanding of what to do next time.

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Continuous Commissioning

Continuous commissioning is all about making sure that a building’s M&E services are commissioned, function and align closely with the operational needs.

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