More CSA exam passes for Banyard staff

csa-corporate1January 2015 (3).jpgBanyards are proud to announce that two more members of staff have recently passed their Commissioning Specialist Association (CSA) Grade 4 exam. This is a particularly important milestone in the career of a Commissioning Engineer and we are thrilled that James Openshaw and Jake Eyre have achieved this.

The CSA’s accreditation training program starts at trainee level, and works through to Grade 6. The development path includes Distance learning courses, Theory, Case Studies and a Thesis, with exams at each level and a final stage interview with a panel of judges, before finally passing the Grade 6 accreditation. All our commissioning engineers are put through the programme, we are pleased to say that the majority of them hold a Grade 4 qualification or above.

The continued growth and professional development of our staff is at the heart of our core values, these results further our objective to be at the forefront of the Commissioning industry.

Posted on: 28-11-2017

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