Banyards on top at the BAM North East Karting Event

Last Thursday Neil Burdess, Lee Smith and Tom Dunn took part in a Karting event at the 1.2Km outdoor track near Sunderland.  The event was hosted by BAM for their M&E sub-contractors and design team with 20 drivers taking part.

The event began with a 15-minute qualifying round.  Tom Dunn qualified 3rd on the grid with an impressive 74.521, just missing out on the top spot by 3 tenths of a second.  Lee qualified in 6th(75.423) and Neil in 10th (75.906) despite starting at the back and having to work his way through traffic.  During the drivers briefing the Banyards team voted not to take a break between qualifying and the main final thinking it was the fastest choice as tyres and engines would still be warm, they didn't account for how warm they would become themselves!

Next came the 30m final, Lee got a good start and was into 3rd within a few laps but disaster struck in lap 4 when he spun out allowing Neil to move up to 3rd from 10th on the grid. After a few more laps Lee had made his way up through the field from 13th and went past Neil into 3rd.  The majority of the race saw Neil holding 4th place until just a few laps from the end.  However, the star was Tom who got away well and stayed in 2nd place for the whole race!

Final results:  Tom Dunn 2nd Place, Lee Smith 3rd Place and Neil Burdess in 8th.  Lee also got the fastest lap of the day with a 70.816 four tenths quicker than the rest of the field.


Posted on: 10-07-2017

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