Banyards helps the armed forces rehabilitate service personnel

We are proud to announce that Banyards are the commissioning managers on the new state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre being built for members of the armed services in Loughborough (as covered by the BBC this weekend ‘New military rehab for injured personnel’).

The Defence and National Rehabilitation Center or DNRC will treat around 200 service personnel at a time. Construction began at Stanford Hall in August 2015 with handover to the Ministry of Defence scheduled in 2018. At this point the new buildings will become the operational site for the DNCR when it relocates from its current home at Headley Court in Surrey.

With a gross internal floor area of almost 500,000sq/ft, the new facility has been designed with the patients’ comfort and ease in mind, and will provide intuitively connected spaces consisting of Complex Trauma & Neuro Wards, Neuro Therapy, The Centre for Mental & Cognitive Health, Imaging & Prosthetics, Complex Trauma Gyms, Lower Limb Gyms, Force Generation and a Pool Complex.

Stanford Hall will be the next step in leading edge clinical rehabilitation, helping to give our service men and women the confidence to carry on with their lives after they have suffered major trauma or very serious injury or wounding.

stanford hall small.jpg

Posted on: 15-11-2016

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