BIM Level 2

Accredited by the BSI; delivering projects using BIM is our preferred way of working.

On projects where BIM is used to its full advantage we’re able to reduce unbudgeted changes, time taken to generate accurate cost estimates, and overall project time, as well as generate savings from clash detections, detected and resolved before site.  

We believe in collective understanding and collaboration.  BIM is grounded in clear collaborative engagement of the delivery team and all stakeholders.  It’s why the government requires it for all public funded construction work, and why we promote it in private sector projects too.

BIM keeps things simple.  All members of the delivery team use their own 3D models, which are then ‘federated’ into a combined model with shared responsibility.  This model includes a wealth of design and performance data, as well as product information to help improve the return on your project and construction process.

Effective communication and knowledge transfer is integral.  By having a structured approach to sharing information between the professional design and construction teams, as well as the building operator, the benefits speak for themselves.  Whether minimising plant space whilst ensuring all systems and services can be easily installed and are fully maintainable, or resolving conflicts, reducing re-works.  From converting models into schedules with quantities, products and equipment that can be switched for alternatives at the click of a button, through to answering questions early in the project to eliminate grey areas.

But it doesn’t stop there.  We’ve already started our journey to deliver Level 3 BIM and are looking for likeminded industry partners to collaborate with on this.  Level 3 takes the principles of Level 2 on to enable interconnected digital design of different elements in a cloud environment.  Best of all it helps to extend the BIM approach into the operational assets, over their full life-cycle.

For more information about BIM Level 2, our approach and the benefits, click here

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