Intrusive M&E Surveys

Intrusive Surveys are often required to highlight any underlying issues that cannot been seen from basic visual condition based surveys. The outcome of these surveys are to identify and prioritise all repairs and maintenance works that maybe required and also to highlight any underlying problems and risks with plant, equipment and systems and go towards protecting the client’s investment.

These surveys are usually more disruptive to the building and occupants and will involve inspection into service risers and voids etc and normally include the isolation of mechanical plant and electrical circuits for detailed inspections / tests. It may also require sections of pipework/ductwork to be removed for analysis.

Intrusive tests and examinations may include air and water flow rates, internal pipework surveys, boiler condition and operation, chiller condition and operation, temperature monitoring, relative humidity monitoring, water quality testing, LV Panel inspections, distribution board inspections, sub mains electrical testing, electrical distribution circuit tests, busbar testing, fire alarm tests and associated cause and effect, lighting level checks, electrical load monitoring and thermal imaging etc)

The findings during these surveys will indicate the potential life expectancy of the plant and systems.

Benefits of Intrusive M&E Surveys:

  • Evaluate mechanical and electrical plant and systems and advise on the condition and suitability for ongoing use and life expectancy
  • Identify any significant defects that would adversely affect the performance of the building services
  • Identify when 'fault' plant conditions could be reached, report on their cause and provide an indication of what maintenance actions need to be carried out
  • Identify budgets required for maintenance work
  • Prioritise and recommend the maintenance actions and identification of critical spares
  • Recommend intrusive inspections outside the scope of the condition survey


Survey Reports

Following any intrusive surveys we provide independent reports to cover the findings. These reports normally cover the following items:

  • Detailed description of the plant and systems within the building
  • Executive summary covering any evidence of key issues and M&E defects
  • Limitations and obstructions that affect the scope of the inspection
  • Detailed list of each system and defect categorised by severity and location
  • Photographs of defects with problems specifically highlighted
  • Statements of further information and where applicable items that are in good condition
  • A clear summary that provides you with the ability to prioritise the remedial action
  • Recommendation's for further inspections where applicable
  • Rating for the probability or risk of undetected defects
  • A full list of accessible and inaccessible areas
  • Details of attachments and appendices to the report including test sheets and photographs

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