HVAC Commissioning (Air & Water Balancing)

Our HVAC Commissioning Engineers specialise in carrying out commissioning and proportional balancing to air and water systems; typically variable and constant volume, VAV, modulines, fan coils, induction systems, chilled beams, recouper vent, thermal wheels; in addition to setting up laboratory /clean rooms plus pressure control regimes.

Our team ensure systems are brought into balance to achieve design flow rates within tolerances specified by the design.

All measurements are documented on Banyards bespoke and automated suite of Commissioning Test Sheets along with a detailed report of how systems were commissioned with recommendations to resolve any system deficiencies. All commissioning activities follow CIBSE guidelines and BSRIA application guides to meet the project specific requirements and industry best practice. Part L Building Regulations seek to improve the performance of buildings through better commissioning, this criteria achieves BREEAM credits with the aim to achieve optimum performance under actual occupancy conditions.

All our Engineers are members of the Commissioning Specialists Association and are encouraged for new learning whether it be CSA Distance learning courses, NVQ or HNC College courses.

"Commissioning is the advancement of an installation from the state of static completion to full working order to specified requirements. For distribution systems it includes the setting to work of an installation and the regulation of flow."

Code A & W CIBSE

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