University of Manchester appoints Banyards for Commissioning Validation Services

Manchester has always been in the front line in Chemistry. John Dalton founded modern Chemistry in Manchester in 1803 with his theory of atoms; James Joule laid the foundations for the science of thermodynamics in the 1840's and the first UK Professor of Organic Chemistry, Carl Schorlemmer, was appointed to Manchester University in 1874. In modern times Chemistry Nobel Prize winners such as John Polanyi (1986), and Michael Smith (1993) studied for their BSc and PhD at Manchester University.

The last major overhaul of Manchester University’s Chemistry building was in the mid 1990’s, now our Commissioning Validation teams are currently surveying all 10 floors of the Chemistry building, validating the mechanical, electrical and public health services and producing CAD drawings of the mechanical and electrical systems.

Due for completion in May 2016 our MEP validation survey findings will assist the M&E Design Consultants to finalise the Stage 4 Design allowing the construction works to proceed on the refurbishment of the building over the next 7 years.

We are proud to be a part of the the next step of improvements in Manchester University’s ongoing programme of upgrading its Chemistry building to meet the exacting technical requirements of the 21st century.


Posted on: 19-05-2016

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