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MK-UKGB.jpgMichael Karling has recently completed his Leadership journey with the UK Green Building Council as part of their Future Leader’s programme.  

The nine-month course culminated in a business presentation by the ‘Future Leaders’ on a game-changing product inspired by challenges faced in the built environment.  The course attendees have been developing an idea into a potential product that they ‘launched’ at a special event at Tech Incubator Level 39 at One Canada Square, Canary Wharf.  The session began with speeches by the UKGBC and Future Leaders about their experiences on the programme, then the guests rotated around the six Innovation groups of Future Leaders.  The Innovations groups gave a three minute pitch followed by seven minutes of Q&A to each cohort of guests before presenting to the next group and so on… business speed dating!

Michael’s group had been given the challenge of adapting our current building stock for climate change.  Their idea considered that there are over 40,000 deaths in the UK each year due to heat-health related issues and that this will only get worse as climate change causes ever more extreme weather.  Looking at overheating as a consequence of climate change the group created “Hotspot”, a company that would monitor the personal temperature of vulnerable people in care homes using wearable devices.  The device would track data such as room temperature and medical history, so that care providers could be alerted to problems and take simple preventative actions such as opening a window in summer or turning up the heating in winter.  Hotspot would use existing technology in an innovative way to help protect the vulnerable in our society.

Ian Matthews attended as a guest on behalf of Banyards and got to see all six groups present their business proposals, he commented: “Having been involved in setting the original challenges for the programme back in December last year, it is fascinating to see where this talented group of future leaders have taken them.  It was great to meet a number of inspiring and talented future leaders and Banyards are proud to have Michael among that cohort”.

You can read more about the event and find out more about the Future Leaders programme in the yearbook.  Michael now joins a 100+ member group of young professionals in the Future Leaders Alumni Group. 

Michael commented: “I am delighted to have been a part of this amazing experience over the past year, the programme has enhanced my personal development and leadership skills, as well as giving me a new perspective on sustainability and a fantastic group of friends and contacts who I hope I can stay in touch with as our careers go forward.  Thank you to Graham Child and Banyards for sponsoring me on this programme 12 months ago and giving me this great opportunity”.

Posted on: 15-10-2018

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