Nick Till: Leading by example

NT_supporting.jpgOur managing director is passionate about encouraging new minds to enter into business and is involved in a number of community-based, accelerator schemes in and around London and at Surrey University.

The most recent event, held at Everest Community Academy, saw Nick and nine other​ business ambassadors from a range of different businesses working with year 9 and 10 students, supporting them in raising their aspirations by sharing their own experiences of higher education, university and the general world of work.

The Business Ambassadors were supported in classrooms to deliver interactive sessions that allowed students to explore their own skills and qualities as well as consider those that are required within the workplace. Following the classroom-based activities, the business ambassadors took part in speed networking; where students worked in small groups to ask questions of the business ambassadors about their career pathways, giving the students the chance to learn what options are available to them and allowing them to learn that nothing is out of reach for them.

Over 170 students were supported in total, with 81% of year 9 students stating that the programme helped them to believe they could succeed in higher education and a 37% increase in year 10 students developing new aspirations following the session.

Posted on: 11-04-2019

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