Lee Smith supports Daytrippers

Lee Smith has spent another fun filled day with Daytrippers this time at Blackpool Zoo.  Here is his account:

Day 2 of my volunteering was spent with Daytrippers Bolton, this time the venue for the outing was Blackpool Zoo.

Lee_v_2.jpgA total of 117 attended the trip, this includes the children, carers and family members, it took three coaches to be able to get all the families to Blackpool Zoo.  Although the weather looked to be poor from the outset things got better as we approached Blackpool and the rain held off all day for the group.  It was amazing to see some of the families from my first day of volunteering and plenty of new faces too.

The day was made extra special as I was asked if I could look after a little boy called Frankie who wouldn’t have been able to come on the trip if it wasn’t for Banyards allowing me to volunteer for the day.  Frankie is a little boy with Downs Syndrome and spent his first eight months in hospital due to a hole in his heart and was unable to eat by mouth.  At the age of two he couldn’t talk or walk, so the day was spent mostly carrying him about and pointing out all the fantastic animals to him and making lots of silly noises.

The day ended in the play barn where the older more active children were able to run, play and slide.  Frankie was by this time fighting the tiredness but not willing to close his eyes.

As I enjoyed myself so much I have asked if I may attend the end of summer party, where I will use some annual leave which was well received.  One of the organisers, Carole, even said she would see if Santino and Daniel from my previous day trip would like to attend.  As they both had a great time with me on the trip it would give them a chance to enjoy the party if someone was there to play with in the fun factory.

Posted on: 23-08-2018

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