Banyards’ engineers energy efficient design sees new school completed early with zero defects

langley-park_news.jpgLangley Park Primary Academy Phase 2 adds a significant extension to the existing Phase 1 building, completed in 2016. Three new classrooms on the ground floor and five on the 1st floor now allow the school to take in a second form in each year group (2FE) from September 2018. The new accommodation provided also includes a nursery with a separate entrance on the ground floor.

Banyards designed the building services for both phases, leaving provision in phase 1 for additional boilers and capped services. Working closely with Baxall Construction the lessons learned from the construction and operation of Phase 1 were integrated into phase 2. 

The new classrooms and nursery use a hybrid ventilation system, which uses packaged ventilation units to control the amount of fresh air supplied to each classroom. The units are controlled via a CO2 sensor and have a booster fan to provide rapid ventilation if required. This energy efficient form of ventilation controls summer overheating and CO2 levels whilst minimising draughts.

Unlike phase 1, the Phase 2 extension uses a Modern Method of Construction (MMC) timber frame with modular wood panels. Banyards worked closely with Bond Bryan, Kirk Saunders and Baxall Construction to coordinate all new building services in BIM 3D to enable all service penetrations to be pre-cut in the factory. Panels were then transported to site and erected complete with containment for the electrical services pre-built into the walls. This dramatically reduced the site time and disruption to the operational school. Banyards were heavily involved in monitoring the construction on site, to witness installation and working with Baxalls to identify and resolve any minor issues. With our support, the building was handed over a week early, with zero defects on the completion certificate. 

Posted on: 13-07-2018

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