Banyards Commence Independent Specialist Commissioning on the MECD Project

mcd_arial.jpgManchester Engineering Camps Development (MECD) is Manchester Universities single largest development constructed on site and of one of the largest Construction Projects ever undertaken by a UK Higher Education Institution. Banyards are delighted to have been appointed as the ‘Independent Commissioning Specialist’ for this project. 

This is a 6 year project (Due to open in 2020), spanning some 78,000sqm; the 195m tall development, laid on its side will be taller than the Beetham Tower and will consist of 4 schools (Materials, MACE, EEE & CEAS), 2 research institutes (Dalton nuclear institute and the International Centre for advanced materials). It will be home to 6,700 students and create jobs for 1,300 staff. This exciting new engineering facility has been designed to inspire engineers and engage with new modes of teaching and technology with an inspiration to be ranked within the top 25 for world class research, teaching and learning.    

The facility with a construction value of some £300 million plus, will demonstrate how UK engineering is one of the most creative industries in the world.

Banyards responsibilities will include full M&E Commissioning Management and Validation including: 

  • Commissionability reviews 
  • Detailed commissioning plans 
  • Fully logic linked commissioning programmes  
  • On-line commissioning tracking system 
  • Witnessing of all M&E systems 
    • Managing and producing the building user guides and building log book to CIBSE standards  


Some interesting facts and numbers: 

  • 46 AHU’s 
  • 141 Pumps 
  • 6 Air Compressors 
  • 27 Km. Orbital Welded Gas Pipework 
  • 10 Chillers with 6.5 mw of cooling 
  • 820 Active Chilled Beams 
  • 11,000+ Hard wired BMS points 
  • 1,460 Window Actuators 
  • 70 Km of Basket 
  • 34 Km of Trunking 
  • 120 Km of Conduit 
  • 900 Km of Single cables 
  • 12,000 General light fittings 
  • 342,425 Zip Ties!

Posted on: 22-01-2019

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