Soft Landings (Commissioning Aftercare)

Commissioning aftercare is gaining recognition as it has become a requirement of 'Part L' Building Regulations, as have BREEAM Seasonal visits post practical completion, together with the BSRIA Soft Landings Framework - BG 4/2009. An approach which recommends input of commissioning services post practical completion.


Extended aftercare, with monitoring, performance reviews and feedback helps occupants to make better use of their buildings, while clients, designers, builders and managers gain a better understanding of what to do next time.

Soft Landings starts by raising awareness of performance in use in the early stages of briefing and feasibility, it helps to set realistic targets, and assigns responsibilities. It then assists the management of expectations through design, construction and commissioning, and into initial operation, with particular attention to detail in the weeks immediately before and after handover.

As Commissioning Engineers we offer activities to benchmark performance against data recorded at practical completion however; ongoing 'fine tuning' of building services is a necessity to ensure optimum performance and correct environmental conditions.
BSRIA Soft Landings Framework - BG 4/2009, 'The purpose of Soft Landings'

Soft Landings is designed to smooth the transition into use and to address problems that post occupancy evaluations (POE) show to be widespread. It is not just about better commissioning and fine tuning, though for many buildings commissioning can only be completed properly once the building has encountered the full range of weather and operating conditions.

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