Continuous Commissioning

Continuous commissioning is all about making sure that a building’s M&E services are commissioned, function and align closely with the operational needs.

There are many elements within a building which impact the working environment and these should be checked annually. Post building occupancy changes naturally occur which have an effect on operating efficiency and occupancy comfort.

We are uniquely positioned to provide this service in-house with high calibre design and commissioning engineers, who with joined up thinking are well able to identify the cause of issues, or how to save energy currently being wasted because of unmatched design & actual operating criteria or poor original commissioning.

It is very likely that a building which is designed for a given criteria, never has that criteria actually matched in use. This can cause a significant amount of energy wastage and discomfort for occupants; both of which can affect the bottom line.

When we look at a building which is suspected of not performing adequately, we investigate thoroughly to get to the bottom of the problem. There are frequently straightforward elements which can mean that energy is being wasted, or an environment is uncomfortable. Sometimes however it is not straightforward, and investigations into what is causing the building to work as it does are required.

These investigations are often intrusive into how it operates and may involve investigation into the BMS actual control loops, which take input data and cause a reaction in the mechanical and electrical systems.

Why commission continuously? And what benefits are available?

  • Better value energy consumption
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced exposure to increasing energy costs
  • Improved facility asset value
  • Improved public relations through demonstrable compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Potential for improved working environment, staff satisfaction & skills retention
  • A more coordinated, efficient maintenance strategy

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