Scania HQ

Banyards have a track record of satisfying demanding energy reduction targets as part of our design delivery of a large project. This is demonstrated by the work undertaken on the ‘Scania HQ’ project whereby Banyards delivered against the Milton Keynes planning department who have exacting requirements including 25% improvement over Part L and 10% contribution from renewable technologies.

We used an optioneering approach to engage with the key stakeholders to sign off each stage of the project. Each option was assessed against three main criteria APEX/OPEX/ease of maintenance. In order to accurately determine the optimum solution we assessed the current energy usage to predict the likely energy profile to ensure renewable technology assets can be sweated to maximise return on investment.

In the case of Scania HQ project this resulted in the installation of 385m2 of photovoltaic panels in conjunction with a bank of battery cells to harness energy when the building is unoccupied at the weekends. This coupled with a contact base load of a mini data centre will ensure all energy generated is utilised on site.

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