About Us

In 1987 Nick Till and the late Paul Banyard founded Paul Banyard and Associates. Their vision was to serve the increasing demand for expert, experienced Commissioning Specialists in the building services industry. Nick remains at the heart of the group's day-to-day activities.

With the continued increase in the content and complexity of engineering services within the construction and refurbishment trades, Banyard Associates evolved to become a complement of companies known as Banyards. Many of our roles interconnect or crossover, depending on the nature of each project we work on. Due to the growing intercompany working relationships, the strategic business decision was taken to merge Banyard Consulting whose services include mechanical and electrical design with Banyard Associates, under the new name of Banyard Consultants. The merger enables us to provide a more focused, integrated and cost-effective service to clients and joint venture partners.

In addition, our group also includes Banyard Maintenance and Banyard Solutions. As a group, we offer a complete range of services, including: M&E design services, feasibility studies, validation, commissioning management, environmental investigations, client training, M&E maintenance and e-permit software (our multi-award winning web-based safety permit system).

We are well established and respected throughout the industry. We pride ourselves on being straight talking, honest and approachable and place emphasis on forging strong ongoing partnerships with all of our clients. By really listening to what our customers have to say, we are better able to help them achieve their unique goals.

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